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Water Coolers

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Point of Use Water Coolers

The growth of the point-of-use drinking water reflects the increasing awareness and importance attached to drinking good quality water.

Advantages of drinking good quality water:
Two thirds of our body weight is made up of water
85% of our brain is water
It plays an important role in digestion
Cold water increases our metabolic rate
Helps control weight and keeps our mind clear
We should be drinking on average 8 cups of water per day
The most efficient thirst quencher

Why Point of use!

Consider the carbon footprint of a bottle of water!

The amount of energy used to:

- Manufacture the bottle
- Transport the bottle to be filled
- Fill the bottle
-Transport the filled bottle to the workplace
-Remove the empty bottle from the workplace
-Dispose of the bottle at the end of its lifespan

Combined with Health and Safety issues:

19ltr of water weighs 19Kg.

Somebody has to move that from the storage area to the water cooler, pick it up, turn it upside down and put it on top of the water cooler. This needs training in the correct way to do it and also needs a manual handling risk assessment in order to comply with regulations. These two factors also have financial implications.

Discount Coffee Supplies's water coolers offer the complete environmental solution to your refreshment needs with table top, wall mounted and floor standing models in stylish designs. All connected to the mains supply, they offer Fresh Filtered water day after day no empty bottle, transport, storage or lifting issues to worry about.

DCS install (subject to site survey) maintain, inclusive of twice yearly sanitisation and filter changes to ensure your cooler remains in first class condition.

Rent from only £6.50 plus vat per week over a three year agreement.

Call our friendly sales team to discuss your options.

Online Catalogue |  Water Coolers

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